People we want to find out about

Alexander Brown, Anchor Cottage, Land Street, Rothes and William Brown, 27 Burnside St, Rothes have now been found.

Helen Brown, 32 Gordon St, Portgordon

Mrs Cameron of Keith. No other information about her, though she sang many ballads.
She came from Fearn in Easter Ross, and sang 14 ballads to Carpenter, including The Dowie Dens O Yarrow, There's A Tree In My Father's Garden, Jamie Foyers, The Mermaid and Johnnie The Poacher Laddie.

William Carter, 21 Stewart Street, Portgordon

Miss J Cruikshank [aged about 80], Ardshean, Dufftown
She gave Carpenter an 1885 clipping of a unique version of Willie Mackintosh, and sang Allan Roy, and Lass Of Loch Royal.

Mrs Watson Gray. She lived at Corner House, East Street, Fochabers.
She sang unique versions of two ballads, Willie Mackintosh and The Bonny Earl Of Moray, and others learned in Glenlivet 50 years before. See this page.

Mrs A Innes, Bishopmill, Elgin
She sang 14 versions of songs, including The Farmer's Son who outwitted a highwayman

Mrs Alex McEwan of Inverness.
She gave Carpenter an unusual version of The Bonny Banks Of Airdrie, with a story about the song and a remarkable description of her singing.
She learned it 'from her father and grandfather, William and John Newlands, 46 years ago, between Inverness and Foyers'.

Mrs W A Reid, East Neuk, Fochabers
She sang several ballads, including The Shoemaker, The Douglas Tragedy, Lang Johnny More and the Broom O The Cowdenowes

John Ross of Delny and Balintore
At the age of 77 he was working as a farm labourer, living in a bothy on 'Lone Vine Farm', Delny near Invergordon. He came from Balintore, and was the father of ten children. See this page.

John Sutherland of Balruddery, Latheron. This was clearly Balruddery Farm. See this page about him.

Robert Taylor, Spey Cottage, Inchberry, Fochabers
He sang The Bonny Hoose O Airlie, The Battle Of Harlaw and others

Mrs Andrew Thompson of Spey Bay. No other information.
She sang eight ballads, including Glasgow Peggie, Lord Randall, The Dowie Dens O Yarrow, and Captain Wedderburn's Courtship

Miss Helen Warwick Burnholme, South Row, Fochabers