See below about Jessie Davidson of Tugnet, Spey Bay.

We need information about Mrs Andrew Thompson of Bogmoor, Spey Bay.
No other information.
She sang eight ballads, including Glasgow Peggie, Lord Randall, The Dowie Dens O Yarrow, and Captain Wedderburn's Courtship.

Mrs Jessie Davidson nee Duncan of Willow Cottage, Tugnet, Spey Bay, gave Carpenter several songs, but so far I have found in the Vaughan Williams Archive only a recording of several songs and a transcript of one, See more about her songs here.. She was born in Dufftown 17/9/1863, died Nether Dallachie, Bellie 4/2/1959.
'She also played the button box quite well my late father Duncan McBeath told me. In the group to her right is her husband James Davidson and on her left her daughter Ella, I think this was outside Willow Cottage? I imagine it would be.'
Information from Moira McBeath [Mo Renwick]. Mo's sister Kate Cameron also helped .

Card images and 1931 recordings are used courtesy of the James Madison Carpenter Collection, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.