Mrs Watson Gray, Fochabers

Mrs Watson Gray lived at Corner House, East Street, Fochabers. She gave Carpenter about 20 ballads, especially she sang unique versions of 'Willie Mackintosh' and 'The Bonny Earl of Murry' [sic]. Both of them had extra versions telling more of their stories. She learned most of her songs in Glenlivet, 50 years earlier, but got Willie Mackintosh from a relative living near the ruins of Auchindoun Castle.
Her text for Willie Mackintosh, like the one from an 1885 newspaper clipping shown below, is longer and richer than the one widely sung nowadays which modern singers, learned from recordings by Ewan MacColl.
I cannot find a Carpenter recording of her singing either ballad. Elsewhere on the Internet in a website about The Cabrach I found a reference to women in the Cabrach singing the verse about 'the Cabrach swine' as they worked. See below.

People who sang for Carpenter in 1931