Alexander Brown, Anchor Cottage, Land Street, Rothes
He sang six ballads, including Deveron's Banks, and The Glenlivet Lass aka The Auchindoun Farmer
Billy Allan says on Rothes and Roon Aboot that 'Teenie Brown stayed in Anchor Cottage before my aunt and uncle bought it, must have been about 1960, and she had a shop just round corner in High Street.'
Many thanks, Billy, this would I hope be a daughter, whose 'proper name' was Christine or Christina..
And Linda Bruce adds that 'in the early 1950s my late father used to get his lunch on weekdays at Teenie's shop. Big plates of soup and mince and tatties! He lived in Craigellachie but worked in Rothes.'

Then Jane Westmacott told me that her mother had informed her that Alexander Brown was Teenie’s brother, and the brother of her great grandfather William, so Alexander and Teenie were her great uncle and great aunt.
"It would be amazing to hear a recording of my great Granda.’
I put recordings on line and now she can hear him - William Brown, 27 Burnside St, Rothes, who sang several ballads in including Johnnie O Breadislie.

Card images are used courtesy of the James Madison Carpenter Collection, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.