Nearly all the sea songs Carpenter found in the North were found in the Seaboard Villages. The exception is Donald The Dancer - see Lochcarron page.
Carpenter began in Britain collecting sea songs, then got interested in ballads.

Alex Brown [SH] Allan McLean [SH] Annie Grey [LAT]
As I Gaed Up Yon High High Hill [aka Bonnie Lassie] [DEL] The Banks Of Skene [LAT]
The Banks Of Sweet Dundee [LAT, SH] Bay Of Biscay O [JYT] Bessie Bell [JYT] The Bailey’s Daughter [LAT]
The Banks Of Claudy [DEL] The Banks O Spey [DEL]
The Beggar’s Dawtie [KE] Blowing The Candle Out [AL]
The Bold Trooper [LAT] Bonnets Of Blue [JYT]
Bonny Betsy Gordon [PG] Bonnie James Campbell [FOC] The Braes Of Strathblane [DEL]
The Braes o Yarrow [aka Bonny Bride] [FOC]
Brannan On The Moor] [DEL] Bung Yer Eye [SH]
The Dolly Varden Style [DEL] Down In Yon Valley [LAT] Down Derry Down [SH] The Farmer’s Servant Boy [PG]
The Farmers Son & the Highwayman [BM]
[He’ll Be Mine] For Aa That [PG] The Gallant Shoemaker [EN] Glasgow Peggie [DEL, SB, FOC] Glencoe [KE]
The Glenlivet Lass [aka The Auchindoun Farmer] [BB] Geordie Sat Tae Dark [PG] Go To Sea Once More [BAL]
Grey Mary [SH] Hey Derry Derry Down [LAT]
I’ll Fill A Glass [SH] In Praise Of Ploughmen [SH]
It’s Not A Time To Go [LAT] Kale Pot And Ladle [AL] The Lad That Handles The Ploo [SH]
The Lass Of Glenshee [DEL, LAT]
The Lincolnshire Poacher [DEL]
The Love Of Good Shave [BAL, DEL]
The Magdalen Green [SH] May Colzean [LAT]
Miss Gordon o Gight [FOC] My Father Built Me A pretty Tower [aka Famous Flower] [DEL, SH] My Umberell [DEL] Nairn’s River Banks [DEL] The Plooman Boy [LAT]
My Old Irish Home [SH] The Oxford Lady [LAT]
Paddy Lay Back [SH] Peggy Clapperton [PG]
Right Grows The Merry Gold [SH]
Rook-a-juke-a-juke-aju [LAT]
The Rovin Baker O Mulguy [DEL, LAT] Sally Munro [DEL]
She was breistit like the swan [FO]
Shepherd o Donns being weary wi his sport [SB]
The Shepherd’s Daughter [DEL] The Silvery Tide {DEL]
The Shoemaker [FOC] Sixteen On Sunday [SH]
There’s A Tree [KE] The Turning Of The Hay [BAL, DEL]
The Twa Corbies [FOC] There Was A Farmer’s Daughter [DEL] Upon My Soul [SH] Van Dieman’s Land [DEL]
Whistle Ower The Lave O’t [aka Fussle etc] [PG]
Willie Drowned In Yarrow [FOC]
Willie Mackintosh [aka The Burning of Auchindoun] [FOC, FOR]
The Yowe Buchts [PG]

AL Aldivalloch
BAL Balintore
BB Bogbain
BM Bishopmill, Elgin
DEL – Delny
EN – East Neuk, Fochabers
EV – Evanton
FOC Fochabers
FOR Forres
INV – Inverness
LAT – Latheron
PG – Port Gordon
KE - Keith
SH Shandwick
SP Spey Bay